Many of us have things that we love to collect.  These can be dolls, model toys, games, baseball cards and so much more.  When it comes to starting a collection many of us just don’t know where to start, and for those that have started sometimes just don’t know how to keep it under control.  For those interested in affordable antiques asheville nc, these can be a great item to start collecting.  However, before you start, here are some tips that you can use to make collecting a joy.

Find a specific niche

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You want to find a specific niche.  When it comes to collecting it can either be a catch all type of collection which can result in a fun and diverse experience or it can be a specific niche area where you collect specific items from specific places.

Broad niche

If you decide to go the broad niche route you can quickly become overwhelmed with a lot of junk that you really didn’t mean to collect or will quickly become bored with your collection.  If you go broad then you do have the advantage of having a diverse collection that can peak the interests of others.  Just be careful that you don’t go overboard.


When we go specific we have the advantage of having a really tight collection.  If we collect antique cars for instance, we can collect items associated with those cars.  We can collect posters, racing stubs, shirts, pennants and so much more.  When we go specific, we can still go diverse in our collections, however they will all fall into a specific theme.  

Displaying your collection

You want to display your collection proudly.  You want to have shelves and specific areas of your home or space dedicated to your collection.  Use lighting to bring out the top pieces and really make it flow in your space.  If your home becomes cluttered, then you are not collecting you are hording.  Take steps to really create something that gives you pride and know when it is time to stop collecting.